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Reading stimulates

  Reading stimulates our brain! -Francesco, Marco, Federico, Diego, Matteo

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Feed your culture!

Reading a book is not a duty, it is a pleasure! You have the chance to do it now! Bite books and feed your culture! Turn on your brain, carry on and enjoy the Read On!...

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Stay on!

Stay on, read on! -Filippo

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Love your mind!

If you love your mind, read! -Michela

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Your future can be better!

If you read, you will write your future in a better way! -Daniele

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You can be whatever you want!

Do you want a bigger brain? Read on! Do you want to explore new places? Read on! Do you want to become an investigator or a magician and so on? Read on! Reading books is something special!...

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Open your books and fly on their wings with your fantasy!

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Book Reviews


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ReadOn Project Oxford

Official site project: click here.

Liceo Scientifico Gullace

Project ReadOn development by students of Liceo 

Scientifico Teresa Gullace