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Mr. Scrooge Jr’s Library

Posted by on Mag 26, 2015 in Other

The nephew of the famous man, called Scrooge Jr, had always been rich, like his uncle, but he also was so mean, egotistical and peevish to live in utmost solitude. One day, during a travel in South Africa, a black skinny and hungry boy went near him and asked him for some money. Scrooge Jr immediately answered that he wouldn’t give him anything: suddenly, he saw a special sparkle in his eyes and curiously asked him why he needed money. The black boy answered that he had to buy some books since he was suffering from being persecuted by racists and he found his only comfort in reading. He said that when he was sad, at night, he slept in his master’s house where there was a big library. This way, he could isolate from the reality which surrounded him and forget everything, living fantastical stories. Of course, Scrooge Jr didn’t believe Tom (this was the boy’s name) and he suddenly started to tell amazing stories thus capturing his attention. One of them was “Treasure Island”. This was the story of a boy called Jim and his mother. Jim’s father was a pirate who died because of a heart attack leaving Jim and his mother alone. Jim opened his treasure and found a map of a treasure island. So he decided to run off with his mother because, since some pirates were looking for the map, they were in danger. Fortunately, Jim managed to take her to a safe place with him. He also decided to ask a rich noble man to finance his travel to find the famous Treasure Island and recover the loot. They were lucky because they arrived at the island and found the treasure!! Once Scrooge Jr finished the story, Tom told emphatically that he felt as if he really lived it as well as when he was reading Martin Luther King’s story, finding himself projected along with his idol in the march for peace in Washington City. He told that, in 1963, he participated in that march for peace and he was astonished about how successful Martin Luther King was to involve millions of people in a peaceful march to protest for civil rights. He was happy to be part of an event which will make the history of a big Nation since it was the biggest demonstration for freedom. Martin Luther King had a dream and it was about to come true. Tom had a dream, too, he wanted to open a library in his country to read books to the public. Scrooge Jr was so fascinated by Tom’s stories that he incredibly decided to help him. When he came back to London, he was a different man: knowing Tom had made him such a better man  that he started to be kind and gentle to everyone, even to those people who approached him to ask charity for money. At the beginning, people were all surprised, but happily satisfied by Scrooge’s change; above all,...

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Pros and cons about Read On

Posted by on Mag 25, 2015 in Other

-PROS It’s a good project because you can: – Learn new words. – Improve your reading skills. – Know new stories.   -CONS It should be improved because: – It is a bit boring. – Some books are too difficult to read. – The CDs tracks are too slow

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Christams Holiday to Robinson’s Island

Posted by on Mag 24, 2015 in Other

It was winter, was cold and there was a lot of snow. It was a few days at Christmas. The old Scrooge was on the sofa in front of the fireplace. He didn’t like Christmas, he was mean and lonely. He hated children who played in the streets with the snow and children who came out from shops with their parents after they’d bought some presents: he hated Christmas. One day, while he was returning from the office, he picked a newspaper carried by the wind, then he browsed it and saw an ad of a journey to the Galapagos Islands. The departure was the next day, so without any hesitation Scrooge packed his bags and decided to leave. It was late afternoon, the harbour was desert, he was reading an adventure book and he was sitting on a bench, when he saw a boat that was arriving. It was a fishing boat that seemed unsafe. A man came out from it and he announced the boat’s destination: the Galapagos Islands. Initially Scrooge was puzzled, but he went to the fishing boat. The captain accepted him, he was an old and fat man and his name was Barney. He immediately gave the cabin’s keys to Scrooge. When Scrooge arrived in his cabin, he placed his bags and went to sleep. After few minutes the ship sailed, but there were only two men in it: Scrooge and the captain. During the night there was a storm, the sea was dangerous, so some water got into the boat. The captain lost the ship’s control, it crashed against a rock: Barney died at the impact, the fishing boat sinked and Scrooge stayed clung to a wooden board and lost his senses. He was dragged to a tropical island by the sea current. Scrooge was lying on the beach, there was a light wind and the sun was shining strongly on his head. The island was quite small and there was a lot of vegetation, there were a lot of coconuts on the ground. If you had observed the sea you would have noticed that there weren’t other lands near it. Scrooge was still senseless when he heard a voice that was calling him from a long distance:”Hey Scrooge, I’m Robinson Crusoe’s Ghost, I lived in this place a long time ago. You will leave this island just if you find my diary. Now wake up and after you cross the forest, you will find a shelter, my old shelter…”. Scrooge immediately woke up with a terrible headache. He didn’t have any choice so he decided to follow the advice of the mysterious ghost and he advanced into the forest. After some kilometres, he saw a hut hidden from the trees and he also saw the shelter that the ghost was talking about really existed. The hut was hospitable, there were some wooden...

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